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My name is Barbara; I am an RN and I have 2 sons I am raising alone. Two weeks ago I made a decsion that I needed to consolidate my credit card debt in order to help me out and lessen my stress. I called your number and when I got home later that night, I received a call from your team. Clarence was the representative who spoke to me. He was so understanding, supportive, and most of all his kindness was so appreciated. In the nursing world we call it compassion; it is a very valuable trait to possess. I thank your company for 'rescuing' me, but most of all, I wanted to you to know what a wonderful employee you have in Clarence.

Barbara G.
New York

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you very much for your help and your patience. My wife and I never thought this would happen to us and it was an extremely stressful situation. After being downsized from my job of 22 years and my wife becoming extremely ill, we just could not manage our bills. It was a very scary time for us. After enrolling in your program, we now are back on our feet and we see the constant progress you are making. Your help is much appreciated.
May the Lord bless you!


This quick note does not say enough about how thankful I am to have found your company. I wish that everyday each of you to know what a blessing to my life you are.
You pay attention to my concerns and always listen. My calls and emails are returned quickly, even though you are a thousand miles away, I feel that you are always there. I really appreciate the high regard of respect I receive when I speak to your customer service team.
I don't remember all their names, but I do remember that everyone that I have talked to has a high degree of professionalism in how they handle everything related to my account. Thanks to you, I'm a on the path of financial freedom; I can leave free again.

Shelia H.
San Diego, CA

I want you to know that you did a great job settling our credit accounts. The 40% settlement amounts are the proof of your hard work. If only everyone knew about your company, we would all be better off. You have taught me a great deal about my credit and what is truly important.
My family and I are now buying a home for the first time. Without your company, I would not in this excellent position. Please take the time to read this letter out load to all of your employees; they all should receive a thank you. This has been a real tough time and with you, we would not have made it through!

Denisa B.
Portland, Oregon

I just wanted to say it Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your employees are the best and I will recommend your service to anyone that I meet. Although I was apprehensive at first, you really did what you said and got me out of debt!

Washington D.C.

Thank you so much fo r all of you help getting my accounts in order as well as your honesty! I appreciate that no matter what my broker or I asked for, you helped! If an one I knew needed help with their financial situation, your name is the first one I would recommend! You have awesome customer service! Thank you again so for all of your help!

Dallas, Tx

Debt Negotiation Department.
I can’t believe the settlements I have received on my accounts! It is incredible that I am paying less than half of my $10,000 credit card. All of my fears and skepticism about your company are completely gone.
Thanks Again!

Cherry Point, NC

Good morning Clarence,

My husband and I wanted to thank you for all your help in assisting us with our accumulated debts. It is a wonderful feeling to know we can truly save money each month; rather than paying many bills to debt. I really feel our future is ahead of us and we have a clean slate and a new beginning. Thank you so much!!

Clarence it has been a pleasure working with you through this process and I appreciate all your help, input and understanding. You really went above and beyond for my husband and I and it was noticed. You always called me back immediately and had an answer for every question. Your great customer service and friendly nature was important and meant a lot to us, because it made a stressful time in our lives bearable. Keep up the awesome work and I can assure you I will be referring you to anyone I come across that I hear complaining of debt; most importantly, I will refer you as their consultant through their debt process.

Thank you so much again; I can not say it enough. I wish you the best and I appreciate all your hard work. I believe that people may get themselves into debt, but they always deserve a way out of it and do not deserve to be consumed by it; you and 'free' people of those years of possible consumption. Thank you for helping my husband and I.

Many Thanks,
Alicia and Anthony C


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