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Causes of Debt

Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement is a process to reach an agreement between creditor and borrower to settle an existing debt.

It is an aggressive approach to debt reduction for people in need of help or who may be considering bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement may carry some short term credit damage, with a strong long term benefit.

We can help if:
- Your total debt is over $7500
- Creditors included are owed over $1,000, including late fees if any.
We can help with:

The following are NOT eligible:

Most typically, we reach settlements of on average, 42% of face value.

Ultimately as each account is settled, the creditor will consider the account paid with a ECI Asset Management. Once debt has been paid off through a settlement program, a client is then free to begin the credit repair and rebuilding process without the burden and stress of ongoing debt.

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Our goal is to provide you an affordable option to get back on your feet within 12 to 36 months. With honest and informative advice and our expert team, you can look forward to a day with zero debts.

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